Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Issues

These new editions of the Microsoft Windows Operating System family make great advancements in the basic security of your computer, and at the same time, have corrected some old flaws in the design of Windows.

However, with all new changes, there are often unexpected and unintended side-effects, and some of these have cause some issues when running our software on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

We have gathered the most useful information here to help you resolve any issues that you experience.

The one most important solution: Log into Windows as an "Administrator" before installing.

Microsoft's "UAE" system is supposed to be able to "elevate" a normal user to have administrator privileges when necessary. However, we have found that if you are logged into Windows as a normal user and then install LAS, some settings are not placed correctly.
Therefore, You should log into Windows with a user account that is in the "Administrators" group before you install LAS.
If you are installing on a network share, disable the UAE system so that all the mapped drives will be accessible during the entire installation process. (Otherwise, the "elevated" administrator will likely not have access to any of the normally mapped drive letters.) Instructions for Win8, Win Server 2012, Win7, Vista.
This solves nearly all the problems our customers have encountered on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Windows RT

The new edition of Windows 8 called "Windows RT" is very different inside when compared to Windows 7. Windows RT is designed to run on low-power tablet computers, and can only run software designed for Windows RT. All of our products are standard Windows applications, therefore, currently none of our products are able to run on Windows RT.

Third party web browsers

LAS and League Web Manager at times will automatically launch a web page in your browser.

Certain third party browsers do not correctly configure themselves as the "default web browser" in Windows 8. ( Firefox, Chrome and Opera have had this problem. )
If you are running one of these browsers and LAS tries to open a web page for you, you may get the "Error number 31 while opening" the web page address.

Because this was caused by a problem in the third party browser's installation routine, the only way to fix the problem is to install a fixed browser...
It is possible that the same browser you are using has a newer version that fixes this problem; or you could try installing a different browser. It is also possible that reinstalling the same version will correct the problem, if you are certain to answer "Yes" to the UAE prompt so that the installer has "full administrator" access to set the correct settings.
Here are a couple pages with technical details about this problem:
Visual Studio 2012 Web Publish on Windows 8 RTM Fails Browser Launch (stackoverflow)
ShellExecute fails if run from elevated process and non-default browser set in Windows 8 RTM (stackoverflow)

Sometimes, our report previewer has problems running

For more detail on resolving this problem, see the following Frequently Asked Questions:

Windows Folder Permissions Issues between LAS and Windows Vista/Windows 7/8

If you have received error 111, or other "File Access Denied" or "The disk may be write protected" errors, then it is likely that when you installed LAS, Windows prevented it from properly setting the access rights for your data folder.

Follow these directions to correct that problem, and enable LAS to run correctly:

  • Click on the link below for the "FixVista.bat Script File"
  • Save the linked file to a place on your computer (your desktop is fine)
  • Then Right-Click the file icon and choose "Run as Administrator"
  • Confirm any dialogs that ask if you're sure
  • ...and LAS should be ready to run.

FixVista.bat Script File

( More detail about this issue can be found at this FAQ:
Running LAS on Vista results in many File Access Denied errors, including Error 111 in procedure loadcopyprotection. )

Network Client Installation

You must "map" the server's LAS folder as a local drive letter BOTH as the normal user, and AGAIN "As Administrator". This is because, even if you already are in the "Administrators" group, the UAE elevation to "full adminstrator" does not give access to drives that were mapped as the interactive user.