Game Time Scheduler

GameTime Scheduler automatically builds round robin game schedules in seconds for any sport, including soccer, basketball, football, baseball, softball, hockey, volleyball, raquetball, wallyball, golf, and more!

It easily handles divisions with even or odd numbers of teams, and produces schedules with any number of playing locations.
Game Time's built-in editor enables you to make any manual changes you like while helping you to avoid creating conflicting team, field or official assignments.

Create as many schedules as you want and share the fields:
With each new division schedule you can choose to "coordinate with" one or more existing schedule so that you can share the same fields or courts among multiple division schedules without creating conflicts!

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How The Schedule Wizard Works:

  • You fill in the blanks on each step of our easy to follow Schedule Wizard,
    by entering this information:
    • the team names (up to 30 at a time)
    • the field names
    • the times each field is available
    • how many games each team must play during the season
    • (You can adjust Game Time in many more ways, but the standard settings are appropriate for most schedules)
  • At your command, Game Time generates your schedule.
    • GameTime selects days, times, fields and officials for each game
    • holidays you selected are automatically skipped
    • team and field assignments are prevented
    • all your chosen options are obeyed
    • any special exceptions you entered for teams or fields are honored
  • In seconds, your schedule is complete!
  • Use Game Time's Analysis Reports to confirm that the schedule meets your needs
  • Use Game Time's Reports to print beautiful schedules

GameTime will schedule up to 30 teams at a time, yet there is virtually no limit to the number of teams that it can handle since you can combine as many division schedules as you like.

( GameTime can operate independently or linked with League Administration Software and Tournament Time Live! )

Create "Travel" Schedules

You can assign one or more "home fields" to each team, and Game Time will ensure that home games are played on one of the team's home fields.

Or, if you choose, Game Time can use any field other than one of the visitor team's home fields instead (if your schedule is very tight).

Create "Practice" Schedules

Create pre-season practice schedules, or use Game Time's "Coordinate With" option to schedule practice games on the times that your fields have not already been scheduled for games!

Detailed Analysis Reports Save Your Reputation!

Game Time's many analysis reports enable you to QUICKLY review the schedule to ensure that it meets your needs.

The benefits of Game Time don't end with creating the schedule:
You can manually adjust the resulting schedules, and generate the best analysis reports that you can imagine!

The totals for these important schedule statistics are immediately at your fingertips:

  • Total games for each team (and how many of those are Home or Visitor)
  • How many times each team plays each of the other teams (and how many of those are Home or Visitor)
  • How many times each team plays on each field
  • Total games on each field
  • How many times each team plays on each day of the week
  • Total games on each day of the week
  • How many times each team plays at each hour of the day
  • Total games at each hour of the day

Particularly if you manually entered the entire schedule, these analysis reports prove themselves priceless for making sure that each team gets a fair share of the good fields and times.

Game Time's Post-processing "Balancer" Makes Things Even Better!

There are literally billions of possible schedules that can be created for just 16 teams...
So, once Game Time has created your schedule, you can use Game Time's "Balancer" to shuffle your games around to improve the schedule balance in many ways:

  • Games per day for each team
  • Even out Games on Monday v/s Games on Tuesday, (and Wednesday, Thursday, etc), for each team
  • Games on each Field for each team
  • Distribute Games over different times of the day, for each team

Printing Reports is Very Flexible

GameTime has a powerful report designer which enables you to change the font (and size, and color) for each column in your report;
you can turn any column on or off;
and you can even move your columns around so that they print in a different order.

Sort your reports by ANY COLUMN, and add Dividers (Horizontal blank lines, thin, thick, dashed or even double lines) between days, weeks, months, sets, games and/or round robins to make your schedule more readable.

Game Time also allows you to save your schedules in multiple formats to make it easy for you to publish them in whatever way you prefer (including Word Documents, Plain Text, PDF, HTML, XML, JPG and BMP).
The choice is yours for complete flexibility.
Game Time worries about all the details so your schedule looks identical, no matter how you share it!

  • Set your own Titles and Footers
  • All Items Are Customizable
  • Select the Font, Font Size and Color for each Column of Data.
    Now you can make the Day of the Week really stand out!
  • Export your schedule reports in a variety of formats:

    • Plain text files (ASCII) -- This format is so basic that nearly any publishing program or method will be able to use your schedule.
    • Microsoft Word -- Easily produces a document in Word that you can then edit... This allows you to make your schedule look like whatever you want!
    • PDF File - Generate a PDF file right from GameTime's report viewer.
      This versatile format can be viewed and printed by nearly any visitor to your website.
      You could also attach the PDF file to emails to distribute your schedules.
    • Web Page format (HTML) -- Generates a web page that looks nearly identical to GameTime's printed reports, that you can put right on your web server.
    • Graphic files - Right from GameTime's viewer you can save a graphic image in a variety of formats including JPG and BMP.
    • XML format - All your schedule generation details can be saved in an XML format so that you can easily export them to any program that can import XML data.
  • Full WYSIWIG report previewer. You can even make final adjustments to the report before printing.
  • Drag and drop columns into whatever order you want
  • Automatically add day, week, month, set or round robin dividers on your reports (thin, thick, dashed, double or blank line)
  • Show When Teams have "Byes"
  • Group your games by Week, Set & Round Robin

Integrates with Tournament Time Live!

Once you have an active Tournament Time Live! website, you can easily upload your schedules so that all the players, coaches, parents and fans can watch.

You can then enter scores right online (even using your Android or iPhone) and the results and standings are automatically updated immediately!

Automatically Assign Umpires / Officials to Games

  • Clear and Reassign all Officials as many times as you like until you have the schedule exactly how you need.
  • Use LAS Member Numbers for the official names, to automatically synchronize with League Administration Software
  • Officials are assigned to all the games in Seconds!

Even More Features...

  • Schedule Generation and Management
    • Optimized for Round Robin Tournament scheduling
    • Lightening-Fast Schedule Generation using Exclusive Scheduling Technology
    • Handles an Even or Odd number of Teams with Ease
    • Coordinate a new Game Time schedule with any existing Game Time,Tournament Time or League Administration Software schedule to prevent conflicts in an unlimited number of divisions
    • Automatic Game Rescheduling from rainouts or any cancellation
    • Great Home / Visitor balance including on cross-division schedules
    • Automatic error checking in the schedule editor helps prevent mistakes while making schedule adjustments
    • Supports Little League&tm; Recommended Back-to-Back Sets
    • Handles Field Exceptions
    • Handles Team Special Requests (eg. AM only, PM only, not Wed., etc...)
  • Master Schedule Coordination
    • Create a Master Schedule and add GameTime Schedules to it with a Single Click
    • Coordinate With any Game Time, Tournament Time or LAS schedule
    • Create a Master Field List for sharing fields between schedules
    • Powerful Master Database Browser
    • Coordinate with multiple seasons from the master schedule at the same time.
      ( Very useful if you run concurrent seasons )
  • Data Exchange
    • Any Schedule can be saved in XML format for document interchange.
    • Easily shares divisions and schedules with our LAS
    • Export schedules directly to the eTeamz upload format
    • Export schedules directly to the Google Calendar format
    • Links with Calendar Creator Plus for Graphic Schedule display/printing!
    • Spreadsheets: MS Works, Excel, Quattro Pro, Q&A, Lotus 123 and most others!
    • Databases: Foxpro, dBase 3,4,5, Paradox, MS Works, etc....

Knowledgable Technical Support

Our new licensing program provides free technical support and all updates for a full year, keeping you up to date as new features become available in updates.
(This license needs to be renewed annually.)

While our technical support staff can help you resolve any difficulties making Game Time Scheduler work on your computer, for more detailed consultations regarding your schedules, you may want to inquire about how our scheduling experts can help you configure your schedules, or even to generate schedules for you.
For per-schedule and hourly rates, please call our order line 1-800-869-8435.

Game Time is currently available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
( If you are using Android, iPhone, iPad or Microsoft Surface (aka "Windows 8 RT"), try our online scheduling wizard Game Time Live!, )