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Table of Contents

  1. FAQ's: Any of our products
    1. How do I put a file that technical support emailed to me into my data folder?
    2. How do I view File Extensions?
    3. How to get updates
    4. The program simply will not start! (Comcast Customers)
    5. Any: Why do I get Error 114: Index does not match the table. Delete the index file and re-create the index? How do I ``re-create the index``?
    6. Why doesn`t the latest program download from your website?
    7. v12 + v14: Why doesn`t the report preview work on Windows Vista?
    8. Download tool to Speed Up downloading updates
    9. When trying to view a report: Exception eOLEError in Winprint @ 00b1a0
    10. All American SportsWare Common Controls Pack Error: "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable." OR: OLE IDispatch Error -- Cannot Instantiate Object
    11. Demo CD has missing file DS.DLL
    12. v12 -- v16: How to create an Installation Log File
    13. HtmlHelp Problems: Can`t Install HtmlHelp;
    14. Print Preview doesn't look right
    15. Setup Program Locks Up
    16. Too Many Files Open
    17. Unable to run 16 bit program (Windows XP)
    18. When I produce a report, the print previewer never appears.
    19. When trying to view a report: Error tRenderer.GetCapacities
    20. When trying to view a report: Report file is invalid.
    21. Why do I get the error `DATA1.CAB file is corrupt` when installing from a download?
    22. Why do I receive the message: Sawzip.dll,zlib.dll are missing unable to update software.
    23. Pre-16.01: Why does my program forget that I just Registered it?
    24. Vista: Why does this dialog box keep appearing warning that "The publisher could not be verified" when I try to view reports?
    25. Why doesn`t my license registration key work?
    26. 15.00: Why won`t the Help display?
    27. Windows complains that This software has not passed Windows Logo Testing to verify that it is compatilbe with Windows XP. This software will not be installed. What do I do now?
  2. League Administration Software
    1. 14.8.64-14.10: Backup Fails with ``Column`EXCLUDE` is not found.``
    2. Do you have to start completely over for next year or does the roster carry over to the next year?
    3. Does single season handle multiple divisions like Major, Minor, Senior and T-Ball?
    4. 10.24-10.33: Email.DBF and Schedule.FPT are not included in backups. Or, Window opens prompting you to select a file during "Load Satellite Data"
    5. How can I find LAS`s Data Folder?
    6. How can I find LAS`s Program Folder?
    7. How can I import my data into LAS?
    8. 15.00-15.00.24: How can I produce the new Little League Affidavit format?
    9. How can I send a backup of my data to technical support?
    10. How do I edit the report?
    11. How do I upload my rosters to Little League?
    12. 12.xx,14.x: How does LAS select what division to assign my players to?
    13. 14.xx / 15.xx: I can`t change my License Registration Key!
    14. Once reindexing starts, if you terminate it before it completes, does this cause the database to be corrupt and unable to be used unless you restore a backup?
    15. Pre-Registration Takes Too Many Pages
    16. Print Pre-Registration Doesn`t Print Everyone In The Division
    17. 14.xx: Running LAS on Vista results in many File Access Denied errors, including Error 111 in procedure loadcopyprotection.
    18. What does `Start New Season` mean?
    19. 14.xx: What is the difference between `Unregistered` and `All Unregistered`?
    20. When I print to Wordperfect, why does it open in Microsoft Word?
    21. v15: Why cant I save reports to PDFs any more in version 15?
    22. Any: Why do I get Error 26: ``Table has no index order set``?
    23. Why does Register Auto-fill the Wrong Division name?
    24. 14.21-14.22: Why does the Registration Window get error #1734: `Property DIV is not found` in PROCEDURE FRMCTRLPANEL.INIT?
    25. Any Version - How do I select the appropriate league age cutoff dates?
    26. 12.22-14.00: Error Function Argument Value, Type or Count is Invalid in Procedure
    27. 12.00-14.00: How do I Flexport All Unregistered? It doesn`t give me what I need.
    28. 10.00-12.24: Some of my reports show only one page, followed by a bunch of blank pages.
    29. 12.24-14.00: Start New Season blows up with Variable Not Found
    30. 12.00-14.00: Why can`t I tab into the Dues Field?
    31. Why do labels print the Mother`s name in capitals when her last name is different than the Father`s name?
    32. 12.00-14.00: Why does editing a season get 'Alias Season Not Found' error?
    33. 12.20-14.00: Why does reindex get the error "unrecoverable error indexing AutoComp.DBF"?
    34. 9.30-9.39: Printing of Incident Reports Fails
    35. 15-16.00: A crash during Reindex can leave LAS impossible to start
    36. v14+: After upgrading LAS, I now get several plug-in errors saying ``Errors were encountered while evaluating plug-in files``
    37. 10.00-10.42: Babe Ruth passes are the old format.
    38. 10.45-12.21: Babe Ruth Passes produce error "Function argument value, type, or count invalid".
    39. 15.00: Can I drag more than one player at a time in League Explorer?
    40. 14: Can I have LAS automatically assign players to teams some time after the registration period?
    41. 11-17.02: Can I rename or hide the Pos column on the Tryout form?
    42. 15.00-15.10: Corrupted MISC.DBF records cause problem generating rosters
    43. 9.35-10.23: Error while starting: SQL out of memory
    44. 14.xx: Export crashes with error: "Variable 'GCFIXESAPPFILE' is not found."
    45. 10.00-12.00: File Not Found error while producing reports
    46. How can I move my LAS Database to another computer?
    47. 18: How can I print Name Tags with big letters for my players?
    48. 14.xx: How can I produce custom reports on Players or Members?
    49. 15: How can I produce PDFs from the new Enhanced Reports?
    50. How do I add a member with no attached players?
    51. 12.xx-14.01: How do I select which divisions to Export to Little League (AFTF Format)?
    52. 12.xx/14.xx: How should I transfer my list of teams between GameTime and LAS?
    53. 12.00-14.00: I cannot add my first player!
    54. v15: I marked my registration number as protected, so why can I still change it on the registration window?
    55. 9.00-15.18: If LAS starts with the window too small, UpHardWr throws an error.
    56. 17?-18.10: League Spreadsheet includes several erroneous field definitions
    57. 12.00-14.00: Network Client gets the error File Misc.dbf is in use
    58. 14.14.75-14.15: Player Labels for All Unreg with Filter params Crashes
    59. 9.30-10.00: Printing Conflict Report Fails
    60. 9.00-9.32: Printing of Non-Registered Players Fails
    61. 14.13-14.14.75: Registration Window crashes with `Operator/Operand Type Mismatch` on Line 111 in procedure LookupFees.
    62. 16.00-16.04: Restore never brings in the User Names defined in the backup.
    63. 10.15-12.21: Score collection report only shows games on first page.
    64. 9.00-9.32: Short and Medium roster format blow up.
    65. 15-17.00: Some data from deleted players or members may show up when new players or members are added.
    66. 10.24-10.26: Start New Season Gets Error: Variable `MF_FUNDDUE` is not found.
    67. 9.38-10.08: USYSA Roster & Player Pass format update
    68. 15.00: What is the best way to assign players to teams?
    69. Any: What version of LAS am I using?
    70. Any: Where are my Error Log files?
    71. Any: Where is the Gender field on the Registration Window for entering Male or Female?
    72. 12+: Which Backup Compression Method should I Use?
    73. 14.xx: Why are my backups so large?
    74. 12.xx,14.xx-14.02: Why can`t I pick another report from the menu explorer
    75. 15-15.15: Why can`t I record a macro?
    76. Why do birthdates show as numbers after Flexport to Excel?
    77. 14, 15: Why do I get a File ...\junk.dbf does not exist error
    78. 15.14-15.15: Why do I get a Variable `ENHREPORTS` is not found error
    79. 14.00-14.04: Why do I get a `C0000005 error` every time I try to produce a Registration Date report?
    80. 18: Why do I get an error message that says Error while Geocoding Addresses?
    81. 17-17.04: Why do I get an orange ``Google Geocoder Error`` every time I save a registration?
    82. 18.12-18.13: Why do I get the error `String is too long to fit` when shutting down?
    83. 15.10-15.18: Why do I get the error ``Variable `BD_YR` is not found``
    84. 12.xx,14.xx-14.02: Why do I get `Invalid subscript reference` when trying to edit an empty list of Divisions, teams, etc?
    85. Why do I have many players duplicated four times on the enhanced roster report?
    86. 10 - 15-16.00: Why do preregistration forms show many of my players as `Player Not Eligible for Any League Division`? Why are some `Candidate` divisions not shown?
    87. 14.xx-14.10: Why does backup fail with `String too long to fit` or `backup file not found`?
    88. Why does backup take so long to finish?
    89. Why does LAS always start by Reindexing?
    90. 12.00-14.00-14.01: Why does Member Locate go to the very end if I search on a single Letter?
    91. Any: Why does my pre-registration report have strange characters instead of lines?
    92. 12.24-14.01: Why does the Account Ledger Report crash with the error "Class definition AASRPT is not found"?
    93. 18.13-18.14: Why does the CheckList report always say ``No Players Found in the selected Division``?
  3. LAS Merge
    1. 12.xx-12.06: Why does Merge lose the phone numbers I entered?
    2. Do I have to install the Merge plug-in on all my LAS computers?
  4. LAS Web Manager
    1. 14.00-14.09: Why Can`t I open the ``Setup Web Registration`` window in WebManager?
  5. LAS MessageCenter
    1. How can I figure out what went wrong when sending messages?
    2. Pre-v18.07: How do I set up Message Center for my Hotmail / Windows Live account?
    3. We want to reach out to kids... Is there a way to email only those players who have not yet registered?
  6. Tournament Time
    1. Does Tournament Time handle Pool Play format tournaments?
    2. Can I add custom graphics or Logos to Reports?
    3. 2011: Can I edit STAFF on TTLIVE?
    4. 14.0x-14.04: Championship bracket is broken for more than 4 teams.
    5. 7.00-7.02: Championship Round starts scheduling before Pool Play is finished
    6. 6.00-7.03: Exception Dates don't have an effect
    7. 14.01.27-14.03: Field Definition step in Schedule Wizard has some problems.
    8. 14.03.032-14.04: File must be opened exclusively error while scheduling single
    9. 7.00-7.03: Games Per Day / Minutes Rest don`t seem to have an effect.
    10. 10.00: Generating Any Report Blows Up! (Report file is invalid.)
    11. 10.00-10.02.3: Generating Pony Schedules Blow Up!
    12. 15: Help doesn`t work.
    13. 15+: How do I use Tournament Time to create a Multi-Level Tournament? How do I guarantee each team a certain number of games without using "pool play"?
    14. 9.00-9.21: I can't produce a Results Collection report!
    15. 9.00-9.21: I Got error # 1405 Prgm:PrintRTF Message: RUN Command Failed?
    16. I Got error # 1426 Prgm:Appttwin.Launchform ???
    17. 7.00-7.07: Number to Advance doesn`t make sense (Pool Play only)
    18. 14.04-14.05: Pool teams never advance
    19. 14.03.032-14.04: Record is out of range error while editing teams
    20. 5.00-7.08: Renumber Crashes!
    21. 7.03-7.06: Save to File opens Find
    22. 14.00-14.03: Sometimes Tournaments schedule using old schedule settings.
    23. 7.00-7.08: The 'Schedule Errors' Report Crashes!
    24. 7.00-7.07: Why can't I Edit Pairings?
    25. 14.xx: Why does the Division Wizard crash, complaining that the NEXT_ID index does not match the table? How do I re-create the index?
    26. 16.00: Why does Tournament Time forget that I just Registered it, and complain that it is already running?
    27. 9.00-9.34: Why doesn`t Help work?
    28. 7.07-7.08: Why doesn`t Help work?
  7. Game Time
    1. Are you a registered user of GameTime for Windows?
    2. How can I get GameTime to use my officials evenly when scheduling officials for more than one division?
    3. How do I export GameTime Schedules to Excel? (or Quattro Pro, 123, etc.)
    4. How many teams can GameTime handle?
    5. Latest GameTime Help File
    6. I Got error # 1426 Prgm:Appgtwin.Launchform?
    7. 12.00-14.00: BUILDATE.PRG File Missing
    8. Any: Can I import and combine schedules from other people into GameTime?
    9. 14.00: Can I schedule 3 divisions with inter-division games?
    10. 9.00-9.03: Game Time keeps asking to open an .OCX file
    11. 9.00-9.01: GameTime Got Error 1733: Class Definition gtDragonDrop not found
    12. 9.00-9.01: GameTime Got Error 31: 'Invalid Subscript Reference' while loading my old schedule
    13. 17.xx: How can I change my GameTime data folder after installation?
    14. 9.32.6-19.00: How can I produce Back to Back sets?
    15. How do I load my GameTime Schedule into Calendar Creator v12?
    16. 15,16,17-17.03: How do I upload my schedule to Google Calendar?
    17. 12.xx/14.xx: How should I transfer my list of teams between GameTime and LAS?
    18. Any: Is there an easy way to set up the report spacing and vertical lines to be the same for all Schedules?
    19. 9.xx: What changes were made in version 9.xx?
    20. 14.01-14.03: When I Swap Practice Games, Why do both games disappear?
    21. 12.xx-14.xx: Why do I get an `Insufficient Memory` error? I have plenty of memory!
    22. 9.00-9.01: Why do I get the message `Error 1732: Property ToggleEmpty Not Found`
    23. 15.06.45-15.07: Why do I only get the first page of my schedule report?
    24. 14.00-14.01: Why does GameTime crash when I click Add Teams to Schedule Wizard?
    25. 15-15.07: Why does GameTime Reindex everytime it starts?
    26. 12.xx-14.00.20: Why does GT report a team conflict when the team doesn't even play in that game?
    27. 15-15.01.41: Why does the Loading Fields Message never goes away, and my schedule never finishes loading?
    28. 12.xx,14.x: Why doesn`t the Date show when I export
    29. 18.xx-19.00: Why won`t GameTime schedule earlier games
  8. Stats Pack
    1. 4.02-4.03: v4.02 - Team Summary Report Totals not correct!
  9. Score Book
    1. v3.0 Build-3.1: After editing games, they disappear
    2. 14: How do I enter a pinch runner?
    3. any: How do I tell Scorebook how many batters should be in the lineup?
    4. any: I only care about statistics for my team... How do I use ScoreBook to score just my team's games?
    5. 3.0: Scorebook Manual/Help File
    6. 14: What`s the difference between a team roster and line up?
    7. 14.00.3-14.01.4: Why can`t I register ScoreBook on Windows Vista?

ANY: How do I put a file that technical support emailed to me into my data folder?

Added 12/14/2009

Sometimes, problems encountered when using our software can be caused by corrupted files in your data folder or program folder. Or, a problem can be corrected by us sending you an updated report format file.

When we send you a file attached to an email, you need to place that file (or files) into the correct folder in order to update your program... there's no way for us to do that automatically.

Because there is a wide variety of email programs (and even the same program, like Microsoft Outlook, may have different layouts from version to version), it is practically impossible to provide exact instructions on how to do anything with email attachments.

However, here are some general directions that may help you to properly manipulate these attached files:

  • The email from technical support should somehow show the attachments: perhaps as bold and/or underlined filenames, or perhaps as small icons. You can probably drag-and-drop them out of the email and drop them (one at a time) onto a folder on your computer.
  • Some email programs provide actions you can do to the attachments by right-clicking the attachment, and selecting an action from the pop-up shortcut menu.
  • Other email programs provide a "Message" menu at the top when you are reading the email... check this "Message" menu for actions to copy or move attached files.
  • Before you start dragging them, though, you need to have the destination folder ready to drop them onto. In the newest versions of our software (basically, v14 and newer), we have placed shortcuts into the Windows "Start menu" that will take you directly to our program and data folders. For example, you can open your LAS data folder by clicking [ Start... All Programs... All American SportsWare... Technical Support... Explore LAS v15 Data Folder ]. This will open a "Windows Explorer" window showing your LAS data folder. (Don't confuse "Windows Explorer" which is a Windows file-management tool with the similarly named "Internet Explorer" which is used for browsing the Internet.)
  • Once you have opened the folder into which we asked you (in the email) to put the attached file(s), now go back to your email program and manipulate the window showing the email and attachments so that you can see both the email attachments and the "Windows Explorer" window at the same time. Then, drag each attachment out of the message and drop it into the destination explorer window.

: How do I view File Extensions?

Added 10/15/2007

Windows is often configured to "Hide extensions for known file types". The file "extension" is the part of the file name which follows the last period in the file. For example, in the file name "README.TXT", the file extension is "TXT" (not including the quotes).

When this extension is hidden, it is harder to tell two files apart, such as "WEBMAN.APP" and "WEBMAN.LOG". The files will have a different icon representing them, but these icons can look different on different computers, making it impossible to describe to someone else how to tell them apart!

Fortunately, it is possible to make Windows Explorer show these extensions to you. Just follow these steps (Windows 2000 & Windows XP):

  1. Open an Explorer Window. You can do this by following these steps:
    1. Click "Start"
    2. Click "Run"
    3. Type "Explorer" (without the quotes).
    4. Click "OK"
  2. In the Explorer Window menu bar, select "View" then "Folder Options"
  3. On the "Folder Options" window, find and click on the "View" tab
  4. On the "View" tab, there should be an "Advanced Settings" list. Scroll down this list until you find the item called "Hide extensions for known file types". Make sure this item is NOT Checked. (ie: clear the check box).
  5. Click "OK" to save this setting change.
Now, Windows Explorer should always show you the file extensions, making it possible to tell similarly named files apart.

ANY: How to get updates

Added 3/9/2006
Fixed in ANY ANY
Within your warranty period, updates are supplied at no charge. After that, there is a nominal charge for corrections and/or minor updates (same major version number, e.g. If you have GameTime v7.01 and want GameTime v7.06) The disk charge is $20/disk and $5 shipping/handling.

Most minor updates can also be downloaded free of charge from our downloads page.

Major updates, of course, are not included as part of your warranty since they add numerous significant new features and cost somewhat more.

Call 1-800-869-8435 to order
1-215-855-8535 for tech support

ANY: The program simply will not start! (Comcast Customers)

Added 3/22/2013

Comcast gives their customers the Xfinity "Constant Guard" security software for free...

Unfortunately, "Constant Guard" sometimes incorrectly concludes that our software should be blocked. When it does so, "Constant Guard" briefly shows a message one time saying that it blocked the software (and it is very easy to miss that message).
From then on, no matter how many times you try to reinstall and no matter what you do, you will not be able to get our software to start up. "Constant Guard" shows no additional messages, and doesn't even list this occurrence in its main list of blocked programs.

Here's a page regarding the "elgato" software which experiences the same problems with "Constant Guard". Follow the directions on this page, just remove LASWIN.EXE, GTWIN.EXE, TTWIN.EXE, or SCORE32.EXE from the list of blocked programs:

The above page includes detailed screenshots that may help you, but the basic steps are:

  • 1) Launch the "Constant Guard Protection Suite" and log in
  • 2) Click the "Manage my "Blocked Program" rules..." link in the section called "Additional Options"
  • 3) Find any entries for LASWIN.EXE, GTWIN.EXE, TTWIN.EXE or SCORE32.EXE and click the second radio button next to each one of them. (This radio button is in the column called "Allow", though it may be difficult to see that due to how the window is designed.)
    You are likely to find multiple entries in this list if you have been trying over-and-over to get our application to start... be sure to get all of them.
  • 4) Click "Yes" when you are asked to "Please confirm: Are you sure you want to unblock the programs you selected?"
  • 5) Click "Done" to close the "Manage "Blocked Program" Rules" window.

You should now be able to start our software with no more problems!

Any: Why do I get Error 114: Index does not match the table. Delete the index file and re-create the index? How do I ``re-create the index``?

Added 12/3/2007

Our programs use databases intensively to store your data, create and manage schedules, and more. Basically, any information you store in our programs gets placed in a database.

To be able to quickly access this information, our programs create "indexes" into the databases. As the data is updated, these indexes are updated to point to the new data, or the new location of the data.

However, sometimes the indexes don't get properly updated. This is most often caused by an "improper termination" of our applications. That is, the program is forced to close without an opportunity to update the index files to match the updated data. This may be caused by many things, for example:

  • Windows "crashed" and force the computer to reboot
  • Windows was told to Shutdown or Restart (by the user, or by a new program "installer"), but our program (LAS, TT, etc), was in a state that couldn't be exited without user-confirmation. Windows gives it some time to close, then just forces it to terminate.
  • The user forced our program to terminate using the Task Manager via CTRL-ALT-DEL, CTRL-ALT-ESC or some other Process Explorer.
  • The power to the computer was lost, causing the computer to just switch off.
  • Some components (newer or older) that are incompatible with our programs can cause our programs to generate a 0x000000C5 error and terminate improperly.

How do I ``re-create the index``? -- Each of our programs that relies on persistent indexes (LAS, TT & SP; GameTime creates new indexes whenever it needs them) has an ability to force new indexes to be created. In each program it's different, yet similar:

  • League Administration Software -- Go to the LAS Main menu, and select [ File... Utilities... Index Data ]. After a confirmation, LAS will rebuild your indexes.
  • Tournament Time -- Go to the TT Main menu, and select [ Tools... Reindex ]. TT will immediately rebuild your indexes.
  • Stats Pack -- Go to the Main menu, and select [ File... Reindex ]. After a confirmation, SP will rebuild your indexes.
  • Message Center -- Go to the Main menu, and select [ File... Reindex ]. After a confirmation, MsgCtr will rebuild your indexes.

ANY: Why doesn`t the latest program download from your website?

Added 4/13/2006
Nearly all web browsers cache web pages that they download, (that is they store a copy temporarily so that if the page is viewed again, you don't have to wait for it to be downloaded again).

The way it's supposed to work is that, if the cached file has been changed, then it will be downloaded again. However, it doesn't always work that way.

We've found that Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 often will not download an installation file again if it previously had downloaded an older version. Then, when you run the file (or LAS installs the plug-in), you simply get a new installation of the old version, which is very frustrating!

WORKAROUND: Follow these steps to force Internet Explorer to download the new version:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click [ Tools => Internet Option ]
  3. Click the button called "Delete Files..." in the section "Temporary Internet Files"
  4. When it asks to confirm, click OK (you don't have to mark the checkbox "Delete all offline content")
Now, go back to our download page or the patches page and try again to download the program you were trying to install.

v12 + v14: Why doesn`t the report preview work on Windows Vista?

Added 3/13/2007
Windows Vista now by default causes all users to run with a very limited user account. Our older report previewer requested more access than it really needed when trying to remember last-used "zoom" settings, and would crash when trying to load in certain circumstances.

Download and install the latest Winprint.EXE program files by following the instructions on this page:

Download the latest WinPrint report previewer
Update: The above installer has worked for most of our customers. However, if it doesn't solve your problems, you can follow these steps to manually finish updating WinPrint:
  1. Press and hold the "Start" key on your keyboard (the key between "Ctrl" and "Alt"), then press "F" ... release both keys.
    ( a "Search" window should appear )
  2. Enter "WINPRINT.EXE" as the filename to search for... click "Find" (or "Search", or whatever the button is called)
  3. As Windows locates files, it should find several WINPRINT.EXE files and fill them in a list in the window. Each should show its "Containing Folder", too.
  4. Find the "WINPRINT.EXE" whose containing folder is "C:\Program Files\All American SportsWare"
  5. Right-Click this file and choose "Copy" on the shortcut menu that appears. (It is now on the clipboard)
  6. Follow these steps for all other WINPRINT.EXE files in the list:
    1. Right-Click the WINPRINT.EXE file and choose "Open Containing Folder"
      ( a "Windows Explorer" window should appear )
    2. In the Windows Explorer window, click the "Edit" menu, then click "Paste"
    3. Windows should ask if you want to replace the existing file that has the same name... tell it "Yes"
Once you have replaced all the older Winprint files with the new version, try previewing a report again and it should work correctly.

ANY: Download tool to Speed Up downloading updates

Added 3/9/2006
GetRight is an indispensible tool that should be considered for downloading large files. This tool monitors your downloads and if it detects an error in the transfer, it re-establishes contact and continues the download From the Point of Interruption. This means you don't have to start all over from the beginning and lose all the time already spent downloading the beginning of the file. This tool can be downloaded from the web site: and install GetRight on your system. We're sure you'll agree that it is well worth the $20.

ANY: When trying to view a report: Exception eOLEError in Winprint @ 00b1a0

Added 3/9/2006
This error means that WinPrint (the report previewing component) is trying to register itself as an ActiveX/OLE server. (See here for more about WinPrint's ActiveX capabilities)

Most likely, this is failing because you are running as a restricted user that doesn't have the rights to update the Windows Registry. The simplist solution is to log off then log back on to Windows with Administrator rights.

Our software does not yet require the ActiveX capabilities of Winprint, so another solution is to replace the ActiveX Server version of Winprint with the Non-ActiveX Server version that is available here:
Click here to download the Non-ActiveX Server Version of WinPrint

ANY: All American SportsWare Common Controls Pack Error: "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable." OR: OLE IDispatch Error -- Cannot Instantiate Object

Added 3/9/2006
Updated 11/28/2011

This indicates a problem when accessing certain "Common Controls" that are used by our programs, such as the dialog box for opening a file.

During installation, our "Common Controls Pack" places an installation package into your "temporary files folder" and extracts the common controls from this package.

Normally, this package is only needed during installation... However, if some other program makes an adjustment to your computer, then Windows automatically tries to access this package to "reset" our "Common Controls Pack".

If the temporary files folder has been cleared on your computer, then this installation package may be missing, leading to this error. We have improved the "Common Controls Pack" installer so that it now places the installation package in a more permanent location.

If you get any of the above errors (or any errors that reference the "All American Sportsware Common Controls Pack", or errors like "OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered", or any errors referencing "IDispatch"), then here is how to solve the problem:

First, go to Control Panel's "Uninstall Programs" feature and look for an entry for "All American SportsWare Common Controls Pack". If you can find it, then uninstall it and reboot your computer. If you cannot find it, then, good, just continue with the next step.
Click the following link, and select to "Open" or "Run" the file:

Once it is finished installing, then everything should work fine.

You can install each of the ActiveX packages manually by Right Clicking on the links and select "Save As...", then save the files under their respective names in your c:\Windows\System32 directory.

( Be sure to verify the sizes of the files you download with the sizes listed below to be sure that the download was completely successful )

After downloading each file, click [ Start --> Run ], then type a command like this:
REGSVR32 C:\Windows\System32\mscomctl.ocx
(replacing the path "C:\windowsSystem32\" with the appropriate windows folder on your computer, and replacing "mscomctl.ocx" with the file that you just downloaded.)

File Name File Size
MSCOMCT2.OCX 647,872
MSCOMCTL.OCX 1,066,176
COMCTL32.OCX 604,432
MSACAL70.OCX 80,896
COMDLG32.OCX 140,288

ANY: Demo CD has missing file DS.DLL

Added 3/9/2006
This happens when you try to run the Dark Green(Teal) CD.
Download Fix There is a missing file from the CD which prevents the CD from being started automatically. Download this file and open the file. It will create the missing file ds.dll and place it in your c:\windows\system directory. Now, your Demo program will start normally.

v12 -- v16: How to create an Installation Log File

Added 8/2/2006

When the InstallShield wizard fails in the middle of installation, or doesn't properly install our software, it can be very difficult to determine what exactly caused the problem.
Just for this case, the Windows Installer system is able to create a detailed log file.

Use this command to enable logging when installing our products (From an executable InstallShield Package, which is how they are typically distributed):
e:\Las14.exe /V"/L*v e:\InstallLAS.log"

If you are using an MSI database for installation, Use this command to enable logging:
c:\windows\system\msiexec.exe /L* e:\InstallLas.log REINSTALLMODE=amus /i "e:\League Administration Software.msi"

To view the resulting log file, click [ Start... Run ], then type: NOTEPAD E:\InstallLas.log and click "OK".

In these examples, the executable installer was called "E:\LAS14.EXE", the MSI database was called "e:\League Administration Software.msi", and the resulting log file was called "e:\InstallLas.log"... replace these file names and locations with whatever is appropriate to your situation.

ANY: HtmlHelp Problems: Can`t Install HtmlHelp;

Added 3/9/2006
HtmlHelp is a better (more stable, more flexible) help system than the old WinHelp viewer, but it does use Internet Explorer as its viewing mechanism. Therefore, it technically requires IE v3.0 to be installed before installing HtmlHelp, but is more stable if you install at least IE v4.0 first. Click for more details, and for HtmlHelp related downloads!

ANY: Print Preview doesn't look right

Added 3/9/2006
Some of the older versions of our print previewer Winprint have turned up some obvious alignment errors when rendering certain reports, especially ones that require precise positioning, such as labels.
All known problems have now been corrected, and some additional functionality has been added in the most recent update, available here, free to registered users.

ANY: Setup Program Locks Up

Added 3/9/2006
  • We have noticed some conflicts between the installation software we use (PC-Install) and some Un-Install utilities, particularly CleanSweep Deluxe Install Monitor.
    Simply turn the uninstal utility off, then try installing again.
  • Sometimes, after a failed installation attempt (caused by an uninstall program's interference), the files were damaged in the directory that the install was attempting to put the program into. If this happened to you, try installing into a different directory...or delete the directory and try again.
  • If nothing else works, try restarting Windows in "Safe Mode" and running the Setup in that mode. If Setup still won't run, then some third party drivers or background processes running in your computer are conflicting with the Microsoft Setup program used to install our software.

ANY: Too Many Files Open

Added 3/9/2006
This only applies to the DOS versions of LAS (ver 2-8).

Make sure the line:
       FILES=150     (If you still get the error, make it even higher)
appears in your CONFIG.SYS file. (or, in Windows NT, in the CONFIG.NT file ). After adding this line (make sure the equal sign (=) is there), save the change then restart (reboot) your computer so that the change takes effect.
(In Windows 95/98, a quick way to get to this file is to choose the start button and then "RUN". In the RUN box, enter the command "SYSEDIT" and hit okay. Now, close all the windows until you you come to the window titled CONFIG.SYS). If you are using NT, look in the folder called
"c:\winnt\system32\" for the file called CONFIG.NT. Change the files statement to

In DOS, use the EDIT program to modify config.sys. BEWARE...If you mess up this file, your computer won't even boot anymore!).

ANY: Unable to run 16 bit program (Windows XP)

Added 3/9/2006
This message occurs on Windows XP when trying to install any product downloaded from our web site. After downloading, when you begin running the installation program, this error message sometimes appears when installing under Windows XP.
To resolve, locate the file you downloaded using MyComputer. Right click on the file you download and choose properties. Now, change the compatibility property to Windows 98/Me compatible. Now, close the properties and activate the file for installation. Just follow the instructions for completing the installation.

ANY: When I produce a report, the print previewer never appears.

Added 4/30/2003
This error only happens in GT v10.02, LAS v10.39 and TT v10.02, and only happens when running on the Windows 9x family of operating systems (Windows 95, 98, 98SE and ME).

To work around this problem, you can edit the registry in the following way:

  1. Click [Start -> Run]
  2. Enter "REGEDIT" (without the quotes) and click "OK"
  3. In the "Registry Editor" window that appears, navigate to the appropriate key, depending on which product you are using:
    • GameTime: My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\All American SportsWare\Game Time
    • League Administration Software: My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\All American SportsWare\League Administration Software
    • Tournament Time: My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\All American SportsWare\Tournament Time
  4. After opening the above mentioned folder, Choose [ Edit -> New -> String Value ] from the "Registry Editor" menus.
    (a new value will appear in the right pane, named "New Value #1", and it will be in "Rename" mode)
  5. Change the name of the new value to "Viewer Command" (without the quotes). Press "Enter" to finish renaming it.
  6. Press "Enter" again, to modify the value (you could, instead, select [ Edit -> Modify ] )
  7. Copy the entire following line exactly in to the "Value Data" field on the "Edit String" dialog box:

    exec( [release LNRes],[PUBLIC LNRes],[LNRes = .t.],[RUN /n Winprint /d "&pcFileName"] )

    (note: Cut & Paste is a good way to get this accurately copied. Also, the line above may be wrapped onto multiple lines by your web browser... Copy everything in Blue)
  8. Click "OK" to save the new value, Close the "Registry Editor", and print preview should now work!
Added 04/30/03
Fixed in GT v10.02.4, LAS v10.39b & TT v10.02.3

ANY: When trying to view a report: Error tRenderer.GetCapacities

Added 6/11/2003
( This error window will also show "Access violation at address #######" and "Read of address #######" where ###### is the exact address of the error )

This was a side effect of adding PDF file generation to the report previewer, and only happens on certain machines.

We haven't yet been able to determine exactly on which machines it happens, ( it seems more common on Windows XP machines ), or specifically why, but the error is trapped and causes no side effects except that the paper size defaults to 8 1/2 X 11, instead of whatever custom size paper might be in the printer. (and, of course, the annoying error message).

You can install the previous version of WinPrint previewer, which will not generate this error message.

The only side effect of installing this version of WinPrint is that you will no longer be able to create PDF files from your reports:

Click here to download an older Version of WinPrint
Added 06/11/03

ANY: When trying to view a report: Report file is invalid.

Added 6/11/2003
We haven't been able to determine what causes the problem, but it seems to have something to do with the InstallShield installer not properly updating the report files if the machine isn't rebooted after uninstalling the old version.

To correct this issue, follow the following steps:

  1. Backup your data
  2. Uninstall the program (LAS or TT)
  3. Reboot
  4. Reinstall the Program in a different directory
    The default directory for LAS is normally C:\AAS\LASWIN ... choose something different, like C:\AAS\LASW
    The default directory for TT is normally C:\AAS\TTWIN ... choose something different, like C:\AAS\TTW
  5. Restore your data from the backup you created.
If you have this problem and the above does or does not solve it, please let us know.
We are doing all we can to find a better solution.
Added 06/11/03

: Why do I get the error `DATA1.CAB file is corrupt` when installing from a download?

Added 2/14/2007
This would indicate that the downloaded file was not intact... it either got corrupted while being downloaded, or the download ended prematurely.

This has occasionally been seen by customers using Microsoft Internet Explorer. A suggestion from Microsoft that has helped is to not change the default folder location when downloading the install file. We also recommend emptying your cache (that is, delete your "Temporary Internet Files") so that Internet Explorer will be certain to download a new copy of the install file, and not simply launch the corrupted file again.

ANY: Why do I receive the message: Sawzip.dll,zlib.dll are missing unable to update software.

Added 6/11/2003
This message means that two components used by our software for file compression and decompression are not found.

These normally are installed when you first install our software. Reinstalling our software (or running the installer's Repair function) should solve this problem.

Another way to solve this problem is to download the two DLL files from here, and save them in the appropriate program folder, either:

  • C:\Program Files\All American SportsWare\LAS - for LAS
  • C:\Program Files\All American SportsWare\Game Time - for GameTime
  • C:\Program Files\All American SportsWare\Tournament Time - for Tournament Time
  • C:\Program Files\All American SportsWare\LEX - for StatsPack
Then, click "Start" then "Run" and (using the appropriate folder, above) type a command like this:
REGSVR32 "C:\Program Files\All American SportsWare\Game Time\sawzip.dll"
You should see a message "DLLRegisterServer in SAWzip.dll Succeeded" and your problem is fixed.
Added 06/11/03

: Why does my program forget that I just Registered it?

Added 4/26/2010
Fixed in ANY 16.01
If you are using Tournament Time, See this FAQ for another issue that may be causing the problem: Why does Tournament Time forget that I just Registered it, and complain that it is already running? Often, this is caused because the original License Registration Key that you entered during the "Setup Wizard" has been "remembered" in the Windows Registry.

When you use [ Help... Register or Upgrade your License ] to enter your new License Registration Key, the program is prevented from modifying that old key that was remembered in the registry.

As a result, the next time you start the program, it finds that old key in the registry, and makes it override the newer key which you more recently entered.

To solve this problem, you can right-click your program icon and select "Run as Administrator". This time, when you use [ Help... Register or Upgrade your License ], the old key should be properly removed from the registry.

If that does not work for you, then download and "Run" this file, (and answer "Yes" when it asks if you are sure you want to merge it into the Windows Registry), and it will remove the keys from the registry which are causing the problem:


It will delete the unnecessary License Registration Keys that were saved in the registry. Then, you can use [ Help... Register or Upgrade your License ] once more, and your new License Registration Key should be properly remembered.

Vista: Why does this dialog box keep appearing warning that "The publisher could not be verified" when I try to view reports?

Added 11/2/2007

If you have updated our print preview program, WinPrint, by downloading it from our website, that may result in Windows XP or Windows Vista showing a message box like this each time you try to view a report:

Basically, this is because, when Internet Explorer downloads a file from the internet, it saves in a related file a record of what "security zone" the file was downloaded from. Then, when the user tries to run it, if that security zone setting is such that a warning should be shown when an unsigned exe is run, it shows the warning.

There are several conditions that may cause the message to not be shown:

  1. If it wasn't downloaded using the "Attachment Manager", this info isn't associated with the file, and the warning won't be shown. (IE uses the "attachment manager"... it's likely that Outlook and Outlook Express probably use it too, so sending attachments might have the same issue.)
  2. If the internet security zone isn't set to prompt, then no prompt will be given. (unfortunately, changing this affects ALL unsave/unsigned .EXE files, not just WinPrint)
    The setting is at [ Internet Explorer -> Alt+T (Tools menu) -> Internet Options -> "Security" page -> Miscellaneous \ "Launching applications and unsafe files" ]
    There are three choices "Disable", "Enable (not secure)", and "Prompt (recommended)"
  3. If the hard drive is NOT NTFS, then the info cannot be saved with the file, so it isn't.

This security warning also may appear when WinPrint.exe is being accessed across a local network, in which case the local network is assigned a "Security Zone" which may or may not be the same security level as the internet. Typically, the local network should be more trusted / less restricted, and should not cause this warning to be displayed.

Here are some references that may be useful in dealing with this issue:

: Why doesn`t my license registration key work?

Added 11/9/2009

When you order one of our products, a license registration key is automatically generated and emailed to you. You can enter this key into the installation wizard when installing the program, or, after installing, you can go to the Help menu, and choose "Register or Upgrade your License".

Be careful as you type the registration key: it's very easy to type an incorrect letter or number. Also, make sure that your organization name is exactly as is shown in the email that we sent you... your registration key will only work with your organization name

If you are still having trouble with your registration key, please contact Technical Support by email: Be sure to include:

  1. Your name
  2. Your organization name
  3. The license registration key you are trying to use
  4. An explanation of how you are trying to enter the license registration key, and what happens that makes you think that it is not working correctly.

15.00: Why won`t the Help display?

Added 4/8/2009

As we made changes to our software to be more compatible with Windows Vista, we missed one file that is required for automatically loading help.

WORKAROUND: You can register this file manually by following these steps:

  • On Windows XP:
    1. Click Start.
    2. Click "Run"
    3. Type "CMD" than click "OK"
    4. In the command window that appears, type the following, each line followed by "enter", (select the correct "CD" command, depending on which of our programs you are using):
    Now, the help system should work fine in all our products.
  • On Windows Vista:
    1. Click Start.
    2. Type "CMD" (an black icon should show up in the "Search Results" with a name like "CMD Shell")
    3. Right-Click that "CMD Shell" icon and click "Run As Administrator" from the pop-up shortcut window that appears.
    4. Enter any password that is requested and confirm (click "OK") any dialog box that appears.
    5. In the command window that appears, type the following, each line followed by "enter", (select the correct "CD" command, depending on which of our programs you are using):
    Now, the help system should work fine in all our products.

(Note: you only have to follow these steps once and the registration corrects the problem for all our products. If you install an upgrade, the newer version should correct this problem, but if it doesn't you would have to follow these steps again.)

ANY: Windows complains that This software has not passed Windows Logo Testing to verify that it is compatilbe with Windows XP. This software will not be installed. What do I do now?

Added 8/4/2006
This error message indicates that there is an internal problem in your Windows installation. This Microsoft Knowledge Base article (MS KB#822798) offers some steps to resolve the problem: