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Since Abner Doubleday invented the game, baseball record-keeping and league administration have been a headache for league organizers. Player registration, maintaining team rosters, financial reports and personnel lists have required hours of tedious book-keeping for league executives around the world.
Here at All American SportsWare, we're all about helping league organizers put the fun back into their sports.

We shipped our first products in 1988 starting with the League Administration Software package for Baseball and Softball. Soon after, using the expertise we gained from our initial release, we expanded our software to support Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Football and Lacrosse. Over time, our products grew in number and sophistication to support the most popular sports, including Hockey (both Ice and Inline), Cheerleading, Raquetball, Volleyball, Wallyball, and many others.

We began providing scheduling software in the early 90's to help with that thankless task of setting up regular season schedules, as well as a rich tournament scheduling system.

We're proud to have thousands of satisfied organizations using our software to ease their paperwork burden. We can now boast a world wide customer base with customers on 5 continents as well as some of the islands! You can feel confident knowing that we are recognized by all of these sports organizations:


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